These feed charts have been created, changed, amended and manipulated over the years based on user feedback and will probably continue to change as new products enter the market over the coming years. These schedules are based on our more popular organic nutrient lines and have grown to accommodate a bunch of different additives that fill the gaps where the standard base formulas fall short.

BioBizz and BioCanna are broken down into two separate feed charts: simple and full. The full chart will give you the most diverse nutrient profile and has expanded additives meant to look after almost every possible plant variable. The simple chart, while still giving you an amazing base to build from, accounts for everything the plant needs while setting aside additives that may not be as relevant to the Spartan grower.

As you can tell from our charts, we are big believers in Hygrozyme, Ful-Power, Budswel and a diverse soil microbiology. We have more recently expanded to accommodate two unique products from Xtreme Gardening, Mykos and Azos. While we mention Roots Oregonism XL on our charts, Mykos/Azos may also be substituted in place of your existing mychorrizal/bacterial inoculants. Keep in mind that plants will benefit from a broader spectrum of bacteria that cannot be supplied by Mykos & Azos which is why we recommend periodic compost tea or PHC Biopak applications.

While these charts represent our best-case-scenario for these nutrient lines, we understand that each grower has their own unique methods to achieve optimal yields. If you feel that we are missing the boat on the next great product or method, please shoot us an e-mail and we'll do our best to spread the knowledge!